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I’ve been using the wrong word.

From Wikipedia: Hypocrisy is the act of pretending that one has beliefs, opinions, virtues, feelings, qualities or standards that they do not actually have; this is usually done in order to mask their actual motives or feelings; falseness. The term … Continue reading

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I'm very proud of my friends

I know I’m late in posting my weekly post (I’m shooting for Thursday/Friday) – but I have good reason.  I was up near Manistee from Thursday to Sunday for vacation/Lumberjack 100 .  No, I did not race the Lumberjack 100.  … Continue reading

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Over the past few months, I’ve sort of “checked out” of the cyber-world.  Trying to keep up with too much noise on the internet was starting to cause problems for me at work, and so I shut it all down.  … Continue reading

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How to turn 34 in style

This time last year, Ray’s Mountain Bike Park held a women only day at the park.  It was on a Friday and my friend Kristi was planning on going.  She and I went down together on Friday, stayed overnight and … Continue reading

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How to have fun in the winter time .. an essay

I have been quiet lately, because I’ve been working on this.

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9 years ago today

I’m pretty lucky.  I married my best friend.  We still laugh at each other’s jokes and he’s still the last voice I want to hear before I fall asleep at night.  We enjoy each other’s company and friendship.  I look … Continue reading

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femine kunundrum

Every few years or so, I make an attempt to present myself in more stylish, feminine fashion.  By this I mean, nicer clothes to work (ie – not hoodie sweatshirts and cargo pants), and perhaps some makeup.  My last attempt … Continue reading

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love-hate relationship

I drive a 2002 Jeep Liberty Sport.  Its survived 207k+ miles so far and just had its 5th set of tires installed.  Its been paid off for 2 years now, and seems to keep getting me where I need to … Continue reading

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i can has siesta?

I realize the irony of posting about how I’ll probably be posting more, and then, not posting for a week.  I really do.  But, alas, life is hectic at times, and this week left me burnt out and fried.  Work … Continue reading

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more about the chair

I’m addicted to my new chair.  Seriously.  I bet I’ve spent more time in the office, at my computer in the past 5 days than I have in the past year. Yesterday I went to office max to get some … Continue reading

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