Introducing .. 2009

This year, Nick and I finally made it out to the New Years Day ride that The Sherp hosts annually from the shop.  Thanks to Nick’s great planning, we were mostly packed and ready to go the next day, so we were out the door even earlier than necessary on Thursday morning.

It was pretty cold and really windy, but 21 of us braved the weather and celebrate the start of a new year (or surviving the old one) and we rolled around on our bikes for a couple of hours, with a coffee shop stop in Northville to round it all out.  It was really a great way to start out the new year, and it felt great to be out on the bike, getting some fresh air!





We both had to work on Friday and generally turned into hermits when we got home.  It was a really nice, really mellow pizza and movie night.

Saturday, Jon had organized a dog-friendly hike at Stony.  Jon (& Graham), Mike (& Louie), Kristi & Erik (& Peppe) and Nick & me (& Chilli) walked some snowy and somewhat icy singletrack on what turned out to be a really beautiful day!  When we were hanging out on top of Mount Sheldon, Pete and Lloyd came riding up the doubletrack – brave soldiers that they are.





The hike was followed up by burgers at the Shamrock in Utica – my favorite end to any outdoor activity!

And today marked the beginning of serious indoor biking.  We’re finally situated in the basement with bikes and rowing machine, and today was the first spin at home (we’ve been to Mike’s for spinning a few times though).   At some point this week, I need to investigate our gym – its kind of a long story, but the old, roached out gym that we belonged to went out of business and there’s a new gym in its place that’s much cleaner looking and probably has nicer equipment.  We’re still paying for the membership, I guess the new place bought the members too, so I’d like to check it out and see if its a place I might actually go, or cancel the membership.  I’d love it if they’ve got enough working treadmills that I could count on having one at 6:00 am every day.

I generally hate the idea of “new years resolutions” because – if you’re serious about change, you shouldn’t wait until new years to do it ..but.. since I’ve reached a new perspective on life and exercise right before new years, I will say that in 2009, I plan on exercising at least 60 minutes every day, 6 days per week.  I already know I *can* do it, the question is, *will* I do it?

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