365 Project: Days 4-10

Old man Chilli

4) Chilli is 11 1/2 years old and has slowed down considerably in the past few months.  Chilli burned bright for 11 years.  He’s working on retirement now.

Cute Little Reader

5)  We had a meeting at my friend Kate’s house the other night.  Her littlest guy sat quietly and read “Grasshopper On The Road” for most of the meeting.  Precious.

Mmm.  Snack.

6) Ending my birthday evening with popcorn!  I decided to buy regular buttered popcorn (instead of low fat) from the Boy Scouts this year.  It was a fabulous decision.

Hello Ladies

7) Ladies Night at Macomb Bike & Fitness.


8) Friday it snowed.  And then we went to the bar for a going away party.  And then we came home and the power went out, kind of, and then it was late and dark.  Ahem.


9) Not nearly as good of an excuse today.  In fact, no excuse at all.  Lame.


10)  Bad picture is better than no picture.  I struggle in low light.  That aside, we met Jill and Gabe in the D for a (belated) birthday dinner. Mercury Burger Bar.  Good stuff.  Good times.

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  1. Fran Darling says:

    Thanks for the wonderful photo review…makes for an interesting winter.

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