365 Project: Days 11 – 17


Looks like I made it 6 days this week – totally failed on Monday.  Not even sure how that happened.   Oh well .. getting better.


_MG_6432 I really thought I took this on Monday, but the date/timestamp says it was taken on Tuesday.  So I guess I took it on Tuesday.  Either way – I cooked dinner 2 days in a row.  Chicken Chili Verde  and the sauce was from the spaghetti that went with the chicken parmesan from the Amish market.




On Wednesday we transferred 2 beers into “secondary” for aging.  And by we, I mean Nick.  I just took pictures.  This is our 4 tap keezer.  Also, this is my favorite picture of the week.  I took a similar one with the pantry door closed, but it was too bright.




We had a meeting with our State Farm agent on Thursday and went to The Great Baraboo for dinner after.  Their pizza was amazing and their Porter was delicious.  I cheated here with an iPhone pic.  As my photographer uncle always says – the best camera is the one you have with you.  Also, its a terrible picture.  But it is a picture nonetheless.

_MG_6495 Starting the second mitten is the hardest part.  Once started, however, they fly off the needles.  Madeline Tosh Chunky.  Mmm.




Walter.  Part Shar Pei.  Part Lab.  Complete goof.


Before I had an iPAD, I bought comic books in Trade Paper Back (TPB) form.  Now, I buy most of my comics digitally.

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  1. Fran Darling says:

    Dog snout…always a cute picture! Great sharpness and color.

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