365 Project: Days 18 – 24

I seem to be good for 5 pics a week so far.  I’d like to say that this current week will be better, but I already missed a pic yesterday.  Argh.  Moving on.



IMG_1254For my birthday, my sister gave me a “Dashboard Monk” that promises “Enlightenment on a Spring”.  I decided that, even though I drive the length of I-696 3+ times per week, my Dashboard Monk would be better suited atop my monitor at work.  As I was taping him to the monitor, I realized he’s sitting on top of a fortune cookie fortune saying “Patience is the key to joy.”  I guess this could be a statement about my job and getting through the day. (note:  iPhone camera photo).



_MG_6522Tuesday came and went without a picture, but my folks were in Ypsilanti for a few days and on Wednesday we met them in Hamtramck for dinner at our favorite Polish restaurant.  Its so hard to get them to pose for a picture when they’re not making funny faces, so I was pretty happy that I got this great shot of them.

(note:  Looking back on the workshop I took, I finally understand what the white balance adjustment can do.  Since I didn’t think to adjust it before I took this picture, I was able to adjust it in software afterward to remove some of the orange tones from the bad lighting in the restaurant.)



_MG_6541Signs of life.

I missed Thursday’s photo, but the sun came out on Friday and so did I.



_MG_6577Saturday – Kate and Roxy.



_MG_6591We finally got out for a ride on Sunday.  Unfortunately, we had to stick to the pavement because things around here are just plain ugly and gross.  It was a good ride with lots of sunshine, but still a bummer to be stuck on pavement.  I didn’t realize until Sunday just how sad I am that I missed winter this year due to injury/recovery.  Hopefully next year will be good snow and injury free!

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