365 Project: Days 25 – 31


I was actually ready to sit down and post (my 5 – not 7 – pictures, argh) on Monday.  I had plenty of time, nothing else on my schedule for the night but my computer was pretty much unusable.  I’d discovered that my hard drive was failing last week.  My computer was still fairly usable for the most part, so we ordered a new drive  at the end of the week .  I managed to get quite a bit of computer work done over the weekend, but by Monday, it was pretty much done.  One click on the wrong app and it would just go off into the weeds for an hour.

My new drive got here yesterday and it was 10:30 before I could even access my Aperture library.

The good news is, its new and improved and since I also upgraded the memory recently, Aperture runs smooth as butta now.  Yay!

On to my week in photos.  Nothing for Monday or Wednesday.


My desk at work.  Our office is very .. gray ..


From Scratch Margarita – Fresh Lemon, Lime, Orange juice, Agave Nectar and Patron Silver.


 Even The ‘clem looks pretty when the sun sets.


Brewin’ Beer on a Saturday afternoon.


It was really sunny on Sunday, but I have no idea if it was warm or cold because I didn’t leave the house.  I did manage to get a lot of things done such as CRAMBA year end financials and a homebrew documentation project I’m working on.

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  1. Fran Darling says:

    ooooo. sorry to hear about failing computers….but love the photo of the photos on your office wall 🙂

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