more about the chair

I’m addicted to my new chair.  Seriously.  I bet I’ve spent more time in the office, at my computer in the past 5 days than I have in the past year.

Yesterday I went to office max to get some “desk accessories” to help with the insane amount of clutter and piles of papers that had formed over time.  See, since I have a laptop, I don’t need to use my desk unless I want to use the big (22″ flat panel) monitor.  And, since I was always so uncomfortable at my desk, I rarely bothered to plug in and hang out there.  Therefore, it was real easy for my desk to become a drop zone for things that otherwise had no home.

I needed a place to put the papers/files/bills/notepads/etc.. that was a bit more organized without being tedious.  Also, I’ve just got my laptop sitting on my desk, and I have to seriously resist the urge to pile papers on top of it when its there.  Since I’ve been plugged in for a couple of weeks now, it was starting to collect things.

In my mind, I was looking for something that would let me put the laptop on top, and have some kind of storage underneath.  But I couldn’t find anything useful for that in the store.  I did, however, find a neat little rack/shelf/inbox thingy that let me put the laptop on the bottom “shelf” and use the other shelves to put things on.


Turns out, its pretty perfect for what I needed.  I was also able to sort out my monsterous cable situation and I’ve loosly budled and velcro’d the cables to the back of the rack.  This way, they won’t fall behind the desk when they’re not attached to the laptop.  I’m really happy with how it turned out.

I also bought a file storage thingy for the other side of my desk where the big piles were.  While my desk is still more cluttered than I’d like it to be, its way more organized than its been in .. well .. ever..


The end result is, I’m spending much more time at my desk and starting to become a bit more productive.  You may have noticed a bit more action (albeit not overly exciting) on my blog lately, and if you follow my flickr feed, you’ll see a lot going on there as well.

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