i can has siesta?

I realize the irony of posting about how I’ll probably be posting more, and then, not posting for a week.  I really do.  But, alas, life is hectic at times, and this week left me burnt out and fried.  Work has been really busy.  I’d gotten really behind on projects and day-to-day maintenance at work as I had some big projects and issues that took a lot of my attention for most of the fall.  And, just before Christmas, one of our team members quit, and his position isn’t going to be filled because we’re in a big time spending freeze.  So, same amount of work, one less person.  The math is easy.

Now, I do kind of like being busy at work.  It makes the time fly and I generally walk away feeling kind of like I’ve accomplished something, rather than the defeat I felt for most of the fall.  But, it really really wears me out.  I almost feel out of breath sometimes, just from thinking so hard.

But, at least my commutes have been nice and slow.


I saw a lot of this, this week.

Actually, most of the week wasn’t to bad.  But, I did have a 2+ hour drive home and a 2+ hour drive in – all in one week.  Ugh.

Als0 very busy outside of work this week.  On Monday we had our Metro North Chapter meeting, and on Tuesday Katie, Kristi and I had a girl-date with coffee and yarn.  Katie wanted to learn to knit and all Kristi and I needed was an excuse (coffee and yarn?  hell yeah, I’m so there).  They even came to the ‘clem!  It was wonderful and super fun.  For some reason though, not a single picture.  I had the stupid camera, but forgot all about it.  Jessica calls it camnesia.  Anywhoo, Katie did a great job and it was really fun.  I think we’re going to try and make it a semi-regular thing.

Wednesday was supposed to be a spin night at Mike’s place, but it was one of my 2 hour commutes, so we didn’t make it over there.  We opted for spinervals at home and pasties for dinner – YUM! (thanks Kristi, we’re still eating our treasures from August, with 2 left still!!!).

Thursday was nice and mello.  I had a pretty decent drive home.  I detoured a bit to stop and pickup a new toy for Nick at MicroCenter, then went to Meijer for some essentials, and bought good steaks for dinner.  Nick had an MMBA state board meeting, so I just watched a little TV and surfed the web some while he was on his call.  It was a really nice, quiet evening.

Last night, we were supposed to spin at Mikes again, but by the time we got there, Mike and Jon were already on the slacker train to veg-ville.  The game was called on a count of lazy and we just watched The Hulk instead of spinning to it.  I must admit, I was looking forward to the spinning, but kind of glad for the downtime.

This morning was slow, we met Nick’s folks in Richmond for breakfast and then hit up Hamilton Bikes to do some chapter/MMBA schmoozing and check the place out.  Its a nice little store, and Dave is a cool dude.

Later on, we met the Scurrs for an early dinner at the original Luigi’s in Harrison Twp.  As is the case when we’re together, it was a nice long dinner – 3 hours of eating and gabbing.  This is what we do best ;)  I’m always amazed that we’re able to accomplish anything as a group – get to a destination on time, get to a destination at all – but we manage, quite well, actually.  And we generally have a great time doing it.  We’re already planning some vacations into 2010 – something about sailboats ..

01172009-dinner-w-scurrs - 2

our friends, the scurrs!

And now I’m just hanging out in my wonderful desk chair (yep, still in love), doing the computer thing.  Tomorrow, we’re going shoeshoing in all this wonderful snow we got today!


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