here, now.


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I realized I was already on my way home.  I was feeling a constant nagging frustration that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, and I finally figured it out.  I was having trouble enjoying my time here because I felt like it was already almost over.  I was already packing up to go back home because that’s what inventively has to happen.


That attitude defeats our the whole purpose.  I had to knock it the hell off.


We have found a great place here, this place we rent when we come for these stays.  The owner is so accommodating and for a “vacation rental”, its well equipped for our WFH (work from home) needs.  Its a great location and very comfortable.   We’re very lucky to be able to do this at all.  I just wish it wasn’t always so temporary.

But enough.  We’re here now.   And things are starting to come together.


I’m really starting to enjoy my new bike.  Its taken some time to get the fit right, but I think we’re finally on the right track.  Now that I’m not feeling so much like a bunched up accordion, I’m having a ton of fun on it.




We took it a bit easy with the biking for a few days – Nick was still recovering from a pulled back muscle and I was still getting used to the new bike.  We had a couple of shorter rides on the North trails before hitting the South Trails last night.



Also, there was a birthday dinner, more farmer’s market again this weekend, more taco truck tacos, some kayaking, some 45th wedding anniversary celebrating at a great little bar and grill in Negaunee, hiking up Hogback Mountain with our dogs, including a stop at Wetmore Pond (aka, The Bog) on the way back out and we even watched a couple of movies at the end of the weekend.



We both had a seriously grumpy Monday’s at work yesterday.  But then we went for a ride on the South Trails for the first time since we got here.  It was such a beautiful night to be out.  I had planned on making some chicken tacos for dinner when we got home.  But I changed my mind.  I wanted to go out.  I never want to go out.  But last night I wanted to go out, so we walked down the hill to The Portside.   Breadsticks were in order.


And since we were at the bottom of the hill already, it made sense to cap off the night at the Ore Dock.



Meanwhile .. back at home ..


Grandparents came to take the granddogs for a hike in the afternoon.  They were still a little worn out from Hogback the day before, but always excited to go.  They came home just as we were heading out for our ride.  Brock crawled into our bed.  And basically stayed there until we went to bed ourselves later that night.


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  1. Fran Darling says:

    Living in the moment….you’re doing it! Starting fresh every hour. Thanks for the wonderful pics, B-day and all!!

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