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sometimes i get stuck .. i have stories to tell and not enough umph to tell them .. i can’t muster the gumption to type an entry in the ol blog … its like i get creatively blocked .. i don’t like blogging for the sake of blogging .. mindless drivel and play by play descriptions of my days are not what i’m really into doing here ..

i like to write and string words together in a way that rolls out of my fingertips and consequently rolls around the readers brain in an interesting way .. i’ll admit, more often than not, my entries are pretty boring and generally ordinary .. but i try to include a touch of flaire whenever i post here ..

that said, i’m feeling very blocked lately … i’ve got lots swimming around in my noodle, but none of it wants to come out of my fingertips … i’m going to attempt to dump some stuff in the form of topics .. maybe someday i’ll turn these topics into real writing.. maybe not .. i guess only time will tell ..

  • the ass burger – last weekend, dirt and i stopped at our favorite local beer and burger joint for dinner .. normally the burgers are what i drool over .. this night however, it was the ass that fit so nicely on the waitress who was serving us … wow … not very often i see one that i just wanna reach out and grab .. dayum 😉
  • thank you god for all of this food, now lets throw a bunch of it away 1/2 eaten – had a nice thanksgiving dinner with my family yesterday .. my sister was hostess at my father’s house … all the aunts on my mom’s side were in attendance with their husbands and kids .. my one cousin on that side was there as well, and sis (obviously) and her boyfriend played house… the houseowners (mom and dad), however, were enjoying a nice peaceful turkey dinner from the local fancy restaurant in the serene comfort of their marquette home while the snow fell down outside… that’s the way to spend thanksgiving, i think ..
  • bah what? — its not that i hate christmas .. in fact, i used to love the christmas season … i used to really enjoy buying presents for people, i used to put thought into each purchase and get things that had meaing to people .. but its just not the same anymore .. now its all about consumerism, materialism, and being ‘one up’ on the neighbors and other moms in the PTA… christmas doesn’t have the same feeling anymore .. people are not nice to each other, no one is really happy and joyful .. instead, they obsess about getting the best gift (not the right gift, but the best one) .. and to top it all off, southeast michigan has become so consumer oriented that its nearly impossible to get from place to place in a reasonable amount of time during this stupid holiday season because there are just far too many people trying to hit every store humanly possible before the big d-e-c-2-5… its really kind of disgusting ..
  • ok .. well, that’s a start anyway … chew on that for awhile and we’ll see what happens next *shrug*

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