just doesn't sit right

I just can’t trust men who’ve got fingernails longer than mine – especially when the dude is an SME/Systems Engineer. It somehow creeps me out, and is just bizzare.

Also, as a professional woman, there are few things I’d find more embarrassing than finishing a sales meeting and having your customer say “don’t forget your purse”.
I never bring a purse to a business meeting. I might bring a briefcase, but I have no need for a purse at a meeting. Am I suddenly going to need my ipod? or my credit card? lipgloss maybe? Uh .. No.
And, why would you come to present an IT security solution to a bunch of technical people and not bring any product information, screen shots, demos, or anything of substance for us to look at?

What a waste of time.

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2 Responses to just doesn't sit right

  1. Feltham says:

    That is near the top of my list of Pet peeves (I don’t really have a list, perhaps I need to get on that). BUT, it is fucking gross!!! Any dude who has long finger nails obviously has not been laid in a VERY VERY VERY long time.

  2. Laura says:

    Forget your purse? Yea….we carry purses all the time.. NOT! That’s almost as bad as someone calling you a “homemaker”! LOL!

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