can't stop smiling

Nick, Alex, Mike and I rode Bloomer tonight.  Nick and I rode Bloomer with the RCMB bike club group on Tuesday and had so much fun we wanted to go back for more. Bloomer is one of those places that’s tough to navigate – the park is huge and there’s trails everywhere and no signs anywhere.

So, on Tuesday I rode the Bandersnatch one last time before I had to give it back to the shop.  Tonight I rode the Redline (moncog 29er) after chaging to an easier gear and shorter crank arms.  I’m pretty sure I’ve decided that the 29er works for me.  I had so much fun riding tonight – even when my ass was puckering into my throat on the upper ridge trail – that I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time.  Tuesday was the same way.  I’m more inspired to ride my bike than I ever have been before.

Time to start planning my Bandersnatch.  The hardest part is going to be – selling the Bianchi.  I need to sell the Bianchi to pay for my kick ass wheelset.  Man .. that’s going to be tough though.  Of all the 26″ bikes I’ve owned, the Bianchi is by far my favorite and most cherished.  That bike took me to a new mountain bike world.  She is beautiful, sexy and crazy fun to ride.  She taught me to love, LOVE mountain biking.  She taught me to ride until I puke.  She taught me to not give up at the first sight of pain or suffering.  She taught me to enjoy the suffering.

I think I’ll put her back together for one last ride before I put her on the market – just to be sure 😉

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  1. Soupy says:

    NOooooooo… we won’t be PUSS Buddies anymore??? 😉 I’m dreaming of a 29er too, but I have to wait until I can afford it outright, cuz I don’t wanna give up my PUSS…

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