from the earth to the moon

fancy pants racer girl I can’t remember the last time we rode our bikes 3 days in a row. Its been a long time, I know that much. Somehow, we managed to have an unbelievably beautiful July4 weekend and we took advantage of it!

We didn’t make the annual Trails Edge July 4 Potowotami Trail Group ride since there has been such bad storms in that area over the past week, and we weren’t sure what the trail condistions would be like, we decided to save some gas and ride closer to home. PLRA was almost as good since we only rode there once last year and nonce so far this year. We had a mini-trals edge ride with Sherpa, Mike and Kim. It was only my second time riding PLRA on a SS and my first time ever on a 29er SS. I really like it on both counts. Even though I was in misery from being sorrily out of shape, Kim and I had a good time trailing off the back. It was a beautiful day and a good ride. Followed up with Mexican food with the Sherp and it was a good day.

Saturday we lounged around for awhile and eventually made our way out to Stony. I had a rough rough ride on Saturday. I was tired and frustrated and could hardly make most of the climbs. I walked some parts that I never walk, but I just couldn’t get the legs to move. It was hot and I was dehydrated. We called it quits after a lap and a little bit of double track. Blech. Sucky ride for me.

I wanted to redeem myself today, so we drove out to Bald Mtn and parked on Harmon Rd. Took the dirt roads over to Addison for a lap, checked out the new section (gonna be sweet!) and talked with Pauly for a few and then finished the lap. From there we headed back toward Bald Mtn and cut in to the trail at the boat launch. I had a blast riding the north loop, but was starting to feel the effort by the end. A quick stop at the jeep for some ice cold water and a hammer gel, we headed out onto the south loop. Ugh, the south loop has some climbs and I was just about at my limit. It was a long few miles (like, 3) and I was miserable and whiney the whole time. Ok .. I had some fun on the sweet fricken downhills on the south loop, but there were a few of those long shallow climbing sections that I hate so much too .. Regardless, I was glad I did it, even if all I did was bitch and whine. It was one of the few occasions where we did exactly what we set out to do, and didn’t cop-out early. Success.

While we didn’t make the minimum 20 mile ride requirement for dessert at Ermas (just short at ~9.6), we did make the minimum 10 mile ride requirement for Dairy Queen 😀

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  1. Di says:

    MMMMMMMmmmmmm…DQ. I wouldn’t complain about that! 🙂

    A lot of our area cyclists headed up to Copper Harbor for a 4th of July treat. It was awesome. I did three days in a row as well. 🙂 Life is good!

  2. SteveK says:

    The south loop? Or do you mean the east and west sides of the north unit? I guess the east side is a little more north than the west side. 🙂

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