this is just silly

a few months ago .. well, maybe its been several months now .. anyway, its been long enough that I’m starting to go a little nutty since my home desktop computer croaked… i’m pretty sure that my big hard drive fried and took the rest of the machine with it …

long story short .. its been a rough patch of bad technology for me ..

so, i’ve got some projects that i seriously need to work on, and i’m the kind of person who likes a workspace .. i like having a big monitor, keyboard and trackball mouse .. my big brain said, “hey, why don’t you just hook your work laptop up to your monitor, keyboard and mouse at home?” .. it seemed like such a good idea .. at the time ..

this would have been a very easy thing to accomplish were it not for the fact that my laptop does not have a PS/2 port .. the thing has both a cd/dvd drive AND a floppy drive integrated, but no fucking PS/2 port .. and I’m surrounded by PS/2 keyboards .. not a USB keyboard in the house..

all was not lost since there was a computer show at the dirt mall today.. for $4.99 i picked up a PS/2 to USB converter .. easy cheezy, right? wrong.

i tried 2 different PS/2 keyboards and not-a-one of them would work with this silly piece of plastic .. and i’m getting fuckin grumpy now .. oh, and in the mean time, i remembered that i had a microsoft wireless keyboard/mouse combo that used USB .. well, after about an hour (maybe more, who the fuck knows at this point), i could only get the mouse to work .. the keyboard was just fucking useless plastic…

ok .. so, i’m frustrated.. i’ve got my laptop screen pushed back as far as it’ll go, using it as a keyboard with the big monitor and mouse… it sucks.

but, since Nick had bought 2 SATA hard drives at the dirt mall today, and forgot to buy the SATA cables to go with ’em, we made a trip to micro-center .. he got his cables, i pony’d up $20 for a USB keyboard and home we went ..

for alot of different reasons, this was mostly a shitty day .. but when we were sitting in Chili’s, waiting for our yummy fajitas to come, i said “if that keyboard works, then it’ll turn this into a good day after all” ..

and to top it all off, we were greeted by the box from my mom with our annual halloween goodies in it!

so, in the end, yeah .. today was a good day 😀

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