Google Calendar Notifier 2.5

I love google. I use gmail, gtalk, maps, notebook, dashboard, and of course, calendar. I share my calendar with Nick and Jess. Nick created a Michigan Mountain Bike calendar. I’ve got a calendar for Jarek’s weekends. Its great!

Unless you want to get reminders from any calendar other than your “primary” calendar. Then, its not so good.

I wanted to create a new calendar called “reminders”. This is a calendar that’s not so much for appointments, but would be for things I want to be reminded of on a regular basis (ie – remind me to take a pill at lunchtime, or remind me to pick something up on my way home from work). I don’t want this crap in my regular calendar. I want to be able to hide my “reminders” calendar and keep it private (ie – unshared). But alas, I need to be able to actually GET reminders in order for this to work.

Not completely ideal, as its tied to Firefox in the form of an Add-on, but pretty damn close to ideal. For me, I want these reminders mostly while I’m at work. And, when I’m at work, I’m generally staring at a Firefox browser window 99.95% of my day. So, its really a good solution for me!

Just thought I’d pass it along. If you find yourself in a similar situation, give Google Calendar Notifier 2.5 a try!

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