Backyard Fixer Upper

Due to a combination of neglect, dogs, and shade, our backyard looked like this at the end of March:

In May, we spent a day laying grass seed in the back section of the yard. Because of the dogs, we couldn’t do it all at once. Also, we plan to build a deck which will limit the amount of grasss that will need to be grown in the front part of the yard:

We also added edging to defin the flower beds when we laid the grass seed. The flower beds have been there for as long as I can remember but were mostly full of weeds at this point.

Some grass growing progress (after about a week):

This past weekend, we tackled the porch. The old porch was literally falling apart – rotting away. Here’s a before and after:

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I promise to update this post with more words, pictures, and stories – but for now, here’s a link to our Backyard Project Gallery.

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  1. janinga says:

    look how domestic you are, cuteness!!

    i’m proud of you kids.. lookin good!

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