It puts the lotion on its skin ..

A month or so ago, someone had purchased a bottle of hand lotion to leave on the counter in the women’s bathroom on my floor here at work. It was a reletively costly bottle (ie – name brand) and there was a note attached that said “Please help yourself, but if you do, please contribute to the purchase of the next one” and there was an envelope.

I think things like this are nice. Sharing supplies and expenses, makes sense to me. I contributed a dollar even though I’ve only used the lotion once. I like the idea that someone offered the lotion and wasn’t asking much in return.

Well, the bottle sat happily on the countertop for weeks without a problem. One day last week, however, the bottle was replaced by a giant bottle of CVS brand hand lotion. At some point, a note was placed on the CVS bottle that said something like “whoever replaced the hand lotion with this bottle, please put the original back” – basically, give me my name brand stuff back and keep your CVS crap. A reasonable request, I think.

So, this morning, the original bottle was back, and the CVS bottle was on the other end of the counter. The original bottle had a note on it that said something like “thanks for returning!”. I figured all was well in the world. We can be happy again, all handloation has been returned to its rightful owner.

And then I went to the bathroom after lunch. There was a tiny bottle of some kind of handlotion on the counter where the original bottle was this morning. There was a computer printed sign taped to the mirror and a dollar bill and some change on the counter below. The sign said something to the affect of “To the very kind ladies who contributed, I’m returning all of your money. The lotion has been removed TWICE and I’m tired of this. Apparently we have some very immature women among us.”

I kind of chuckled, took my dollar and left. I started writing this post ~20 minutes ago thinking that this was the end of the saga. I posted, because I thought “The Lotion Cronicles” were good entertainment and I wanted to share.

However, since I have a ridiculously short memory at times, I just decided to go back to the bathroom and check the verbage on the latest message because I really wanted to get it right – it was a good note. Well, here’s the kicker. When I got there, I found the original bottle back on the counter, all the $$ gone, and the computer printed sign removed.

I laughed out loud and left the room.

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