first time for everything ..

Yesterday, Nick, Mike, Kim, Jon, James, Christy, Eric and I met for a ride at Highland Rec.  For some reason, I decided to take the SS instead of the fully geared, full suspension bike.  Heh.  Maybe not one of the smarter decisions I’ve made this summer, but I did have fun – despite the “ride until you puke” experience only a couple of miles in.  Yes, this was a first for me.

I took off into the singletrack like I was on fire.  I was having a blast but could feel my heart trying to jump out of my skin.  About a mile in, I pulled my foot right out of my pedal on a tough uphill and had to stop and walk.  I decided to head to the back of the pack and chill out a bit because I knew my crazy pace was .. well … crazy.  I was ahead of Kim, Mike and Nick and ended up riding between packs for a bit, on my own.  A series of long, shallow climbs had me out of the saddle and barely breathing.  I knew the front half of the group was at the top of this particular climb and I was trying to make it there.  I had to stop just after the last turn of the climb.  I glanced at my HR monitor and it said 203.  It was only a few more seconds before I got that feeling in my stomach and I knew what was gonna happen. 

I’m glad I had a small breakfast. 🙂

I walked my way up to the rest of the group, got my bearings and we headed on.  I decided to stay behind Kim this time and ride at her pace.  We made it though, stopping way more than the rest of the group, but we were having a good time keeping each other company. 

When we got to the enterance of the C loop, I decided that I just didn’t have it in me to do that section.  I’ve only done it once (I’ve only ridden Highland 4 times, counting yesterday) and I knew that it was pretty technical.  I just didn’t think I had the strength left to grunt the SS through the short steep technical climbs that I was sure the C loop had. 

Kim and Christy were more than happy to keep me company on the rest of the B loop while the guys did the C loop.  This was the first time Kim had ridden the B loop at Highland, and was getting pretty tired.  Christy was having an off day and not feeling too confident, so wanted a break. 

That section, from the C enterance to where the D loop starts is an amazing piece of singletrack.  Its fanstatic fun and I loved doing it on the SS. 

We hung out at the enterance of the D loop for awhile waiting for the dudes, and then we all rode the last mile or so out together(ish). 

All in all, it was a great ride.  The weather was perfect – 60 degrees – knickers, arm warmers.  My favorite riding attire 😀

Would I ride Highland again on a Single Speed?  Definitely.  But maybe next time I won’t kill myself right out of the gate .. jeesh.  😉

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2 Responses to first time for everything ..

  1. janinga says:

    way to go, girl! sometimes you just gotta hurl a little to keep riding. 😀

  2. SourDad says:

    Highland on an SS. You the woman!

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