cross another one off the list

We have a white board in our home office that is nothing more than a list of bear-minimum projects we need to do at our home to make it .. well … livable by most people’s standards …

We’ve had a problem with our toilet since we moved in (in 2001?).  The tank would not stay full, and was therefore refiling itself all the time .. and, it had problems flushing (had to hold the handle down).  Its an old toilet that was probably installed when the house was built.  We were afraid that removing the toilet would be disasterous and therefore, just ignored it for years as we watched our water bill climb higher and higher.

We bought a new toilet months ago, but were somewhat afraid of the cost of said disaster and just never found a convenient time to schedule a plumber to come out.  Finally, enough was enough when the tank would just not stay full for any length of time.  So, I scheduled a day off from work, and called a plumber.

90 minutes and $250 later, we’re in business with a shiny new bowl.  w00t.

I can’t wait to take a shower.  This was the worst part for me – every time the tank decided to fill itself back up (every few seconds or so), all of the cold water was redirected from the shower to the toilet .. heh .. made for some miserable shower experiences 😉

I’m sure when I’m taking this shower, I’ll think “why did I wait so long??? “

If only I knew the answer to THAT question … heh

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