Stairway to Heaven

That last post was supposed to have more topics, but I felt it deserved its own title, its own distinction .. and therefore, we have post #2 for this evening … I bring you … THE MIND DUMP …

My mother’s computer desk/comfort situation just plain sucks!

This vacation has been awesome and I really don’t want it to end ..

My sister’s boyfriend is really pretty cool .. but he’s incredibly irritating when it comes to mealtime .. or pretty much anything else that requires movement… He’s a cool dood, but damn, “move it along a bit son, we ain’t got all year”

Life is just dandy at the moment

If it weren’t for my horse, I would never have gone to college
(sorry, had to throw that one in there .. hopefully someone gets it)

I wish I could have been a bit older in the 70’s so that I could really have experienced their music. Some of the best rock n roll came from the 70’s .. damn .. that’s some awesome shit!

I just found out that a whole lotta my favorite music is by THE WHO .. how awesome! All of those awesome songs wrapped up in a convenient 2 CD set?? How sweet is that?

If I lived here all the time, would I really take my dogs out as much as I do when I’m on vacation? Would I go hiking every couple of days? Would I allow myself NOT to fence in my yard to force me to go outside with my pups all the time? hmmmm…. I’d like to think so .. I can be optimistic, right?


My dogs are pretty fuckin awesome. I have so much fun with them! Today we hiked in the woods for 2 hours. My poor old girl dog could hardly get out of the jeep when we got home she was so stiff 🙁 Oh .. but she’s a sweetheart. My parents are in love with my pups too .. Even my mom — the non-dogger — has been won over by the adorable Shania-head. Chilli has my dad, as you might expect. They’re very loveable – those 2 muttheads .. 🙂

mmm.. problem .. being this stoned at my mom’s house is killer when you have the munchies.. how can i sneak out to get some junk food????

enjoy the rest of your vacation .. I’m going to go enjoy the rest of mine!

See ya on the flip side ..

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  1. crow says:

    your dogs are awesome…. let’s face it Labs rock…. my dog has turned around plenty of non-dog people too… I still need to bring chelsea by one day so we can have a lab party….

    btw, one more chemo to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (sorry had to let you know)

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