It felt like I might have been making a blogging comeback with my super-formatted and intelligent post about the Maybury race.  And then I disappeared again.  Such is .. me 🙂

I’ve got a few irons in the fire and its getting a little tough to keep them all straight.

The biggest – Addison Oaks Fall XC Race – September 21, 2008

The Metro North chapter of the MMBA is promoting the Addison Oaks Fall XC race this year.  This stands to be a major chapter fundraiser.  Our chapter has never done anything like this before, and I certainly haven’t either.  There’s a really small group of us organizing things and its starting to get a little stressful.  There’s too many loose ends and so much that we don’t even know that we’re missing.

Not so big, but still taking brainpower – MMBA merchandise

Earlier this summer, we opened a new MMBA online store.  We implemened X-Cart software and designed it up.  Its a really great tool – and people are using it.  This means I have things to send out, often.  Its been relatively slow lately, but I just haven’t been able to stay on top of it very well.

In addition to the store, I’ve been to a few races this year .. the races themselves take a whole day, and then I have to sort the money and memberships and get those to the right people.  I just finished gathering and separating and processing everything from the Maybury race that was a couple of weeks ago.  Luckily, that one was easy as we didn’t sell much 😉

On the homefront – dogs and things

I just noticed yesterday that our oldest dog, Shania, has a hematoma on her ear.  This is not a new thing – this will be the third time since we’ve had her (~5 years).  She gets ear infections and shakes her head.  This breaks blood vessels in her ears.  It takes surgery to repair.  Looks like I’ll be calling the vet today.

Aside from that, she’s just been getting old.  She hasn’t been very good about holding her poo and we’ve been cleaning up stinky piles from her cage and from the living room rug (she does this at night when we’re sleeping and we get to find it in the morning when we wake up – I don’t recommend this as a replacement for coffee).  So, my first thought was to have someone come over during the day and let them out so that she’s not stuck in the cage all day.  But, even with Jon coming by for 15 minutes between noon and one, she was still leaving presents in the cage before 5 when we get home, or she’d have a present waiting for Jon when he came by.

We decided to start leaving them outside in the AM and have Jon put them inside if the weather is bad in the afternoon – if the weather looks good, he just comes by and gives them love and exercise and leaves them outside.  Its been better for cleaning up the poo, but might have escalated the ear infection/head shaking that caused the hematoma – but its just a guess and I have no basis to back this theory up.

All I know is, I’m tired of cleaning up poo.  And I hope to god that this hematoma will be cleanly fixed with a simple surgery.  Last time, it was months of follow up as the thing didn’t heal and the infections ran crazy.

The ignored stepchild – Team Trails Edge

I’m also supposed to be the manager for the Trails Edge team.  I’ve done such a good job this year that we haven’t even gotten an order in for one of our sponsors and its already September.  Nice.

I can honestly say that I have this job only because I’m slightly more attentive to it that the Sherp.  Its certainly not because I’m qualified.

Oh, and Interbike is in a couple of weeks, so that means its already time to start shoping for new sponsors.  I’d really love to have our proposal updated before then so that I can take a few copies with me, just in case something comes up.  We’ll see how that goes – we’re supposed to fly out the night of the Addison race.

Did I mention that I still have to get plane tickets – heh.

There’s more to this list – but just writing it is stressing me out.  And, now its time for me to get ready to go to work.

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