Concept2: Holiday Challenge

Last winter, Nick and I bought a Concept2 indoor rower.  Its something that Nick’s wanted for several years, since he first used one at Lifetime Fitness.  I’m a fan, although I’ve not been able to use it with any kind of consistency – mostly due to laziness and lack of motivation.  Shocking, I know.

Well, one of the attractions for Nick was that Concept2 is more than just a company that makes indoor rowers, its also a community.  There are races and challenges going on across the country throughout the year.  So, of course, when he received an email form Concept2 about the upcoming holiday challenge, he forwarded it my way for consideration.

The challenge starts tomorrow, and I’m about to create my online account for tracking my meters.  There are two levels of objective for this challenge, and we’re both shooting for the greater goal of 200,000 meters in 4 weeks.  Concept2 will donate $.02 for our first 100k and $.04 for any meters beyond that to our choice of these charities:  The Nature Conservancy, Conservation International or the Alliance for Climate Protection.

So, 200,000 meters in 4 weeks breaks down to 50,000 meters per week.  This is a hefty goal.  All of my rowing in the past has been for ~30 minutes, ~5000 meters .. and never more than 2 days in a row.  Starting tomorrow, I will be rowing close to an hour a day, at least 5 days per week, for the next 4 weeks.

Its daunting, but I’m surprisingly excited to start.  With any luck, it will turn into some kind of habit and I will have successfully added indoor rowing as a cross training exercise.  Rowing really works the core muscles, so it is definitely something I will benefit from if I ever have any energy to ride my bike again 😉

Wish me luck!

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2 Responses to Concept2: Holiday Challenge

  1. Laura says:

    Be sure to post pics of the buff, muscular arms you get from all this rowing!

  2. soupy says:

    Good luck!! I used to train on Concept2’s when I was on the Crew team at UM… God, I do not envy you… The hardest, nastiest, make you wanna puke workouts I ever did were on those things…. Have fun! >:)

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