Over the past few months, I’ve sort of “checked out” of the cyber-world.  Trying to keep up with too much noise on the internet was starting to cause problems for me at work, and so I shut it all down.  I really needed to figure out how to focus.

01-March-09-MyFirstTattoo - 8

First to go was the MMBA forums, and I can’t say that I’ve missed them at all.  It was where I spent most of my time – and there was really no value in it.  Without the MMBA forum to start me rolling, it was easy to let go of the other forums I browsed.  I was surprised how quickly I detached from, which was another huge time-waster for me.  Facebook became out of control quickly as my friend list just kept growing and growing and I was drowning in status updates.  So, it was easy to stop going there all together.  I have a few friends set up for SMS notification when they update, and that was the only real Facebook contact I’ve had.  I’d already lost the attention span it takes to update the blog due to the Facebook storm, so that was an easy one to go.  Sadly, though, I also stopped reading my friends’ blogs as well.

Well, it has been a nice hiatus, but I realize I can’t go on like this forever.   While I really have no intentions of going back to any forums, I’ve figured out how to streamline Facebook a bit so that I only see updates from people that I’m really interested in seeing updates from.   Soon I plan to revisit my google reader and focus that on what’s most important to me.  I’ve got so many subscriptions in my google reader that its just too overwhelming to think about right now. (focus, Marty,  focus).

01-March-09-MyFirstTattoo - 7

And today, I’m reintroducing myself to my blog.

I’ve decided, though, to make a change.  I’m obviously no good at the “daily life of me” blog.  Things happen every day that I think about turning into blog posts, but I can’t compose them into a blog post quickly enough that they’ll still make sense in the context of my life.  By the time I sit down long enough to think about posting on a subject, it feels old and irrelevant.  So, I’m eliminating the concept of time as having relevance on this blog.  Instead, I will post once per week – no more, no less – about a topic.  There will still be the occasional ride posts, and in the winter, there may be more knitting posts as well.  But for the most part, I’m going to try to focus my posts.

I want to use this blog to explore the conflicts, resolutions and general encounters I experience while living a lifestyle I call “Corporate Hippy”.  To keep focus, I plan to write on the following topics:

  • Cube Farm life
  • Commuting
  • Dreadlocks
  • Body Art
  • Biking
  • Knitting
  • Technology
  • Personal

I hope to really stick with this, and I hope you stick with me too!

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3 Responses to Focus

  1. KG says:


    Did you really get “Focus” tattooed on both sides of your arm?

    I hear you…all the Facebook, forums, blogs, tweets, etc…too much!

    I too have found some peace in what I know; fishing, quads, family.

    Hope to see you guys this summer.


  2. Marty says:

    Yep – I really got Focus tattooed on both sides of my arm. I really really like it 🙂

    Hope to see you too!

  3. Ali says:

    I love the font you chose for FOCUS… looks great! I didn’t notice it over the weekend, I guess I was admiring your chin! Ouch… hope you’re healing nicely!

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