Cudighi Pizza

I finally had a chance to get to the Amish Market the other day to buy some meat.  On the counter by the register, I spied some round focaccia bread that looked awesome so I grabbed it. Home baked pizza is a favorite of mine, but since we haven’t yet ventured into making our own dough, I’m always looking for yummy alternatives.


I was not disappointed.

Cooked at 425* for ~11 minutes on a pizza stone was just about perfect to make this a crispy yet chewy crust.  Had I a bit more patience and let the oven heat up for another 10-15 minutes (allowing the stone to get better heated), it might have turned out even better since it was a tiny bit soggy in the middle.

We spread a bit of Olive Oil on the crust and minced up some garlic which went on top of the oil.  Then added some pizza sauce, onion, roasted red pepper and some cooked up Cudighi sausage from the UP.  About 4 times a year, a local fire department near Sands TWP, MI converges in a school gymnasium to make and sell handmade cudighi.  My dad always stocks extra for us and so we usually have it in our freezer.  It is – by far – my favorite sausage for pizza (and spaghetti, and lasagna and …. ).


The end result was fantastic.  We were half way through an episode of Star Trek TNG when we decided to make the pizza, and it was gone before the second half of the episode was over.  Crazy Yum.

Saturday Night Cuidghi Pizza

Crust – Foccocia from the Amish Market

Sauce – Meijer Organic Pizza Sauce

Cheese – Meijer Brand Mozerella

Toppings – Onion, Roasted Red Peppers (from jar), Cudighi

In the fall and winter, I love to drink hard apple cider, and had just picked up a 6 pack of Woodchuck Limited Release from Fall.


When I first took a drink of this, I didn’t think I was going to like it.  And then I realized I was tasting cloves – as you’d find in mulled cider.  By the time I’d finished this bottle, I was in love.  I will definitely have to get some more of this before its gone for the year.

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