Last November, the Husband and I decided it was time to seriously make a change in our habits and loose some weight (more on “weight loss drama” in another post .. or series of posts .. not today).  He had read somewhere (its what he does) about The Physics Diet and it clicked for him.  Now, both of us have tried many things.  We’ve done Atkins, Zone, Weight Watchers, *just counting calories*, and *just trying to make good decisions*; but at the end of the day, we were just eating too much and moving too little.  And seriously folk, that is all there is to loosing weight – eat less, move more.  We all know this.  The knowledge is not rocket science.  But, the follow through?  That’s the tough part.

In November, I started weighing and recording my weight every day in my online fitness log.  That is it.  Every day.  What The Physics Diet does, is a whole lot of averaging and calculating, so you can see your trends over time – rather than needing to focus on the daily spikes and valleys that naturally occur.  It is very motivating to see that number change daily – if its “up” one morning, then I have no problem eating lighter for lunch that day.  If it’s “down”, I feel proud.

And for me, it worked.  I continued to log my weight daily until the end of April.  I’d lost around 20 lbs and had gotten to a solid jean size smaller than when Id started (I promise, I will talk more about this in another post).  The winter was over, and I’d made great progress.  I got on the scale from time to time to make sure I was maintaining.  We both did very well through the summer and into fall.  But then, the holidays hit and we both slacked off the exercise and mindful eating.  Ugh.  The cookies.  A weekness I doubt I’ll ever overcome is Christmas cookies.  *love*.  *ahem* .

So, I stepped on the scale a few times recently and the number was concerning.  Nowhere near where I started, but definitely on the train backwards.  I decided it was time to revisit my fitness log and get this body back on track.  I’ve been logging for the past few days and so far, its not budging.  Its frustrating.  But I have been moving more lately.  Trying to get some form of exercise every day.  So I think its just going to take a bit of time.

But, I’m motivated.  I’ve got big plans for this summer.

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