things to do before thursday

oil change with the works (including headlight replacement, new wiper blades, air filter, fuel line flush, transmission fluid flush)
* jeep really needs a good inside and outside cleaning
* prescription refills
* packing
* pick up bike rack from Mike
* swap handlebar and put ergon grips on the demo bike
* install garmin mount on demo bike
* and many other various errands …

i’m running a bit short on time and a little heavy on stress at the moment .. maybe trying to borrow a bike for the weekend wasn’t as good of an idea as it seemed in the first place .. at least I don’t have to worry about cranksets anymore – that silliness has been addressed!

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2 Responses to things to do before thursday

  1. Di says:

    Good luck getting your todo list done! I’d like to say mine is short or non-existent, but I have this really bad habit of taking on new responsibilities. Ah, well, such is life.

    BTW, I absolutely LOVE the look of your new blog! This rocks!

  2. Marty says:

    Thanks Di – I like this new site too. I worked on it a while back, but never actually used it. I’m glad its finally getting seen 🙂

    I’m feeling much better about my todo list now too .. I just realized that I have tuesday AND wednesday lunch breaks to run errands when I thought I only had tuesday .. DUH 🙂

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