What’s in my lunch?

Yesterday I bought my lunch (Fatoosh salad with Feta:  mmmmmmm) because I woke up late, was in a hurry and ran out the door without even thinking about lunch.

Today was better, but I was again running late-ish and figured I’d just buy lunch again.  But, then then my conscience got the better of me when I remembered that there were a few individual portioned containers of chili in the basement freezer.

Whenever we make chili or soup, we try to make enough to freeze the leftovers for a quick dinner. Whenever possible, I’ll also freeze some in smaller portions for quick lunch options. This chili has been in the freezer since October and there are still a few containers of it left. So, looks like I need to eat more chili and then make more chili. These are tasks I can handle.

Review of today’s lunch:
Yum. A mix of stew beef and ground sausage makes for some delicious chili.

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