where am i?

I’m having trouble not being lazy.  I think it all finally caught up to me.  I want to give myself time to chill, we’ve only been here 5 days.  But time here is so precious.  I don’t want to waste any of it.  But also, I need to be me, right?  Me here is better than me down there, but still, this place makes me want to be the best me.

But I’m so tired.

img_3756Nick and I ran a half marathon in April.  And another a couple weeks later in May.  Then we did a 15k trail run (5k + 10k) a few weeks after that.  Then we went to Bonnaroo.  July was booked solid with vacation and family reunion and bike clinics and stuff.  More vacation in August, work travel, volunteer travel, and more clinics brought us right to a pretty major plumbing project, transition-directing a bike race with a trail half marathon sandwiched in between race-directing activities, a lovely wedding, a new bike build, new suspension upgrade + wheels + tires on one vehicle, new tires + ball joints + CV joints on the other (all finished the night before we were supposed to drive them both 500 miles north full of stuff for 5 weeks time).  And then we had to pack for 5 weeks away.



Originally we’d planned to leave on Thursday night, driving half-way like we like to do.  Early in the week we’d abandoned that plan, instead thinking we’d get all packed up on Thursday night and head out first thing Friday morning.  The short story is that we left the house around noon on Friday.


Unpacking, pizza delivery, beers and mindless TV had us up til nearly 2.  But we were up and out by 8am on Saturdsay – no coffee or coffee maker yet, the Kureg was better than nothin’ – to catch our friends before the start of their 50 mile Marji Gesick adventure.  Then, a stop at the big lake, cappuccinos, farmers market,more unpacking, a stop at Best Buy on our way to the finish line (because, I forgot 2 keyboards and a trackpad – just .. left them on my desk(s) somehow), BBQ nachos, beers on the street, watching runners and bikers across the line.  Back home, but feel the need to hit Blackrocks for at least one beer before call it a night, and are we hungry?


So no, we didn’t kayak like we’d planned on Sunday.  In fact, I was in my PJs until I decided to go grocery shopping in the afternoon and came out to pouring rain.  And then there was more beer with friends, and then dinner with friends and then we had to work the next day. And it kept raining anyway. Rained more on Tuesday.  Thought about going for a run.  Never happened.

Did I mention I have also been fighting a head cold? I think that’s almost over now tho.

And my job is so exhausting right now.  And its not even technical stuff I’m doing.  Its spreadsheets and emails and meetings.  So many meetings.


And its been one silly technical glitch after another.  We’ve placed 2 Amazon orders and have another queued up (edit:  a 3rd order has been placed, and I’m sure we’re not done yet).  We forgot our bike lights.  We somehow both needed USB hubs.  A monitor stand that we realized now won’t work with one of my monitors. And my computer keeps freaking out when I re-plug in the display after I unplug it from my work computer at the end of the workday.

I am so tired.


I’m going to go cook dinner.  We did walk down to the coffee shop this morning for cappuccinos before work. Maybe we’ll walk up to Blackrocks later for a beer.   Its a start.


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2 Responses to where am i?

  1. Fran Darling says:

    Yes, I assumed you two were “vegging” – hardly any FB posts! Your blog pics are very nice…though.

    But R & R here is 2x as effective as any other place to recoup. So I hope you tech glitches work out – that is so frustrating and something not experienced last two visits??? Did your landlord pay his Charter? – Actually Charter is a pain sometimes, even in our slow-stream-senior world.

    You have an extra week here, so you can use that time to get back in sync with the UP and all the logistics you are overcoming daily/hourly, I’m sure. At least Dave got the dogs out for a bit….they look very well rested 🙂

    See you guys soon, if you can’t make dinner, come over for cake afterward —

  2. Hippy says:

    Our technical issues are not really Internet related. They’re just dumb computer issues, mostly of our own making. Leaving behind my keyboards was .. well .. shitty, to be honest. Nothing works as well as the Apple Bluetooh stuff and while this Logitech stuff is not bad, its been a little funny at times. I also went all cavalier and upgraded my computer’s OS over the weekend and I think I’ve got some bugs there as well. Stuff that’s fixable, but annoying.

    We’re getting there tho. I’ve already bought groceries and cooked two lunches and two dinners. So I’m way ahead of the game there 🙂

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