Some observations I made this past week while vacationing in the UP:

* In the lower peninsula, you buy campfire wood – as in – wood for the campfire; whereas in the upper peninsula, you buy camp firewood – as in – firewood for the camp.

* I had a chance to test my technical skills and found that – in this regard – I am as strong of a mountain biker as I think I am.  Definitely not any stronger, but certainly not less strong.

08-2011--UP-Vacation 135

* In the winter, we hiked the Songbird trail with boots and YakTrax.  In the summer we hiked it barefoot.

* Lake Superior is cold.  And wonderful.  And amazing.  I wish I could swim in it every day (in the summer, of course).

08-2011--UP-Vacation 192

* Walter takes far less exercise to wear out than Chilli did at his age.  Thankfully, Chili takes far less exercise than he used to.

08-2011--UP-Vacation 215

* Technical trail does not always mean hard, rocky, rooty climbing.  Sometimes, technical trail can have no climbing at all.

08-2011--UP-Vacation 093

* Sometimes, climbing can be the easy part.

* My parents work hard for most of their adult life and it seems to have paid off.  They’ve got a pretty good thing going on in this phase of their lives.

08-2011--UP-Vacation 062

* Chipmunks and seagulls make Walter crazy.  I think they are aware of that.

* The Aqua Kong seems to be the only ‘fetch able’ toy that is strong enough for a week of Walter and Chilli.  The Squirrel did OK in February, but Walter is bigger and stronger now and they just get ripped apart.

08-2011--UP-Vacation 182

* The Keewenaw Peninnsula is an amazing thing.

08-2011--UP-Vacation 131

* I am growing as a mountain biker.  I am still learning and still getting stronger.
08-2011--UP-Vacation 021

* I’m pretty sure its Karma that gave us such perfect weather last week.

08-2011--UP-Vacation 06608-2011--UP-Vacation 069


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