Well, that was a fast and furious month. How about a quick recap?

Dirt, Sweat and Gears: 4 day weekend, mountain biking road trip, great travel adventure with the scurrs, a fantastic 12 hour race, new bike lust (LOVE).

Island Lake Bike Demo: A full day of bikes, MMBA tent duties, and Trails Edge schmoozing. Followed by a late-night change control for me at work and a rainy work day at Stony Creek

Stony Creek Skills Park: Workdays every weekend – Friday/Sat/Sun. I haven’t been to all of the workdays, but I’ve been to most of the Saturday workdays. I’m the lunch lady.

12 Hours of Addison Oaks: Nick did the 6 hour race, I hung out in the tent and did support. We shared a tent with Shari, Steve and Ryan who were all also racing the 6 hour. Robin and I supported them, but it was really quite mellow since no one seemed really in the mood to race. Shari and Steve stopped early for different reasons. Kevin even showed up for awhile and kept me company. Of course, Sunday we were out working at Stony again.

Memorial Day Weekend: Saturday was a “BIG” workday at Stony. We set up the chapter tent and cooked a feast for lunch. American Cycle and Fitness came out around lunch time with some demo bikes and cold beverages 🙂

Sunday, Nick dug a trench in the backyard and buried conduit between the house and the garage – future plans include running electric, ethernet and an air line through the 2 pipes in the ground. While Nick worked on the backyard, I did some serious kitchen cleaning – walls, corners, etc.. it was pretty gross in there.

Monday, we went to Livonia for a Trails Edge team ride of the Ghetto Loop – out sherpa’s backyard. I was smart and asked MIke to bring the Bandersnatch home for me to ride that day. I was sure glad I did. Super fun ride! After that, we hung out at Mike & Abby’s for awhile for BBQ, but it was really hot and humid, and we were wrecked, so we headed home and spent the last few hours of our long weekend chilling on the couch.

That brings us to this past weekend: Taco dinner for Alex’s birthday on Friday, crazy running around on Saturday – Lowes, GFS, Stony to cook lunch, Royal Oak to pick up merchandise, unpack jeep, repack jeep with merchandse. Sunday – left the house at 7:00am to drive to Grayling for the Hanson Hills CPS race. Nick and I both raced Sport SS and had a great time. Hanson is a great course, and was super fun on the Single Speed! I’m glad we only had to do one lap though – I don’t know if I could have finished a second before dark 😉

There’s plenty more details to toss in there .. but I just don’t have the attention span right now .. and, I’m hungry!

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  1. Di says:

    There’s a good picture of you guys on my blog that you might like to swipe. 🙂

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